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Lesbo Marriages and India

Finally, after having finished reading a 416 pages dirty, psychedelic, disgusting, gross (but cheap by no means) novel by an Indian writer, written in a brilliant flow of English with a comical undertone, overtone and all other kinds of tones, I do feel satisfied, dirty and liberated – all at the same time.

This story had a lady who progressed from a sabji-vaali to a nurse (to a fake doctor) to a part time prostitute to a maid who sucked blood out of babies to a worker at a health-retreat. She was called Titli. So when I saw what you can see in the picture below, as I was running around the Lingaraj Temple yesterday, I was shocked for a second – since when did they start lesbo marriages in India so openly?

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On seconds thought, I think you are right. Kajal should indeed be the guy ‘coz as far as I remember girl’s name comes first during these marriage displays.

So basically you assumed it’s not possible in India and shrugged your shock off 😛

and I think deepa meant your sexuality 😛

Possible or not – lesbo marriages are not accepted by law. Of course one of them has to be a guy.

And if Deepa was talking about my sexuality (were you Deepa?) then when did I reveal it (certainly not in this post)?


This is Kajal and the gal name is titili.

My nick name is Kaju as the name doesn’t suit during marriage so the name was given by the pujaris(Brahmins in ur language & Priest if you are from western countries)

Don’t judge anyone untill you know.

“A little knowledge is dangerous”

Hi Kajal,

First things first – I am extremely sorry if this stupid post hurt you in anyway. Sorry also if it appeared to you that I was judging or anything like that – I usually don’t judge.

Also true, a little knowledge is very very dangerous. Totally agree with you.

But just one question for you – you ain’t the Kajal who got married to Titili – are you? 😛 Jokes apart, if you re-read the last line of my post you will notice what I wrote: “I was shocked for a second” – for someone like me who has never known any guy called Kajal (as you rightly put – little knowledge of mine) – I guess it is justified to be ‘shocked’ for at least a second? 🙂

The good thing is – now I know guys are indeed named Kajal – all thanks to you. Thanks for the comment dude and once again sorry if anything in the post offended you in any way.

Amrit I just sopke to few of my friends in BBSR and they informed me abt U regarding taking the photo.

So I am worried if a known person is doing this type of nasty works loading the photos in internet.

I guess I am slightly confused – I took that picture that you see in this post myself while I was running around Lingaraj Temple. Now I took it only because I was amused for a second and could not figure out which name was for the guy and which for the girl.

Now – if you are telling me that that picture if of “your” marriage – then oops! If that is so and you don’t want that photo here – I shall definitely remove that. Do let me know if that’s the case.

In any case, I hope that no “known person” does anything nasty with you.

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