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The cute city that also smells

This and similar statues of women in various poses stand inside a beautiful enclosed roundabout called the Master Canteen Chowk, where MG Road intersects Janpath and which used to be the point of retreat during my initial running days in Bhubaneswar – when I was happy doing just 8Ks.

During yesterday’s run I had decided that today I would take my camera along. I took breaks in between and did some morning photography as Bhubaneswar was busy waking up. You can click on the first pic to see the full album (there are couple of more pictures besides what have been put up in this post).

These statues usually go unnoticed because in the centre of the the roundabout, there is a very impressive and at least five times bigger statue of the Konark Horse.

When I had looked at this structure for the first time ( I guess that was my first day to Bhubaneswar office), it had appeared to me that the horse, the lady and the guy were doing threesome in a public place. 😛

These are the beauties of my running track. But there are smelly things also. As I approach this Chowk from Janpath I turn to MG road till I finally hit the Sachivalay Marg from where the return journey, back to guest house continues. A canal kind of thing passes through the Sachivalay Marg – and oh my God – thanks to the unmindful dumping of garbage right on road-edge, the foul smell there almost burns your nostrils.


I have observed Bhubaneswar to be a very clean city in general. This particular spot stands out and I am wondering what can be done about it. Was the canal really supposed to be a garbage dumping site?

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I was travelling to Bhubhaneshwar for a day and after the dirt and noise of Mumbai, I LOVED it. I loved the Quait crossing’s with the traffic police in this small chowk-type thing. 🙂

makes me nostalgic 😐
Its surely a nice little city. I guess you’d love Rourkela(my hometown) even more, but then apart from a gigantic Hanuman statue there is hardly anything else to see 😛
Take a bus trip to Paradeep/Kendrapara etc. I’m sure you’d love the scenery on the way.

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