I am so stuck

Not very time ago I was very keen on moving out of the comforts of my guest house to live in a poor locality. November is fast approaching its end and I must admit that I don’t feel like moving out at all – especially after the way I felt in London. Yes, I am talking about the lonliness bit. Living in discomfort is fine but living alone is something that sooner or later affects me negatively, weakens me. The guest house is more about the people who I share it with, my colleagues who I get to see and talk to, than the comforts that exist here. I am not sure I am prepared to live a lonely life anywhere else. I am so stuck.

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You know what’s funny. I felt the same scared feeling when I moved out of my double room to a single room. And when I moved out, it was in the summer break so there were very few ppl around too. Now it just sounds stupid!

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