On running and weight loss

I ran after a long time today. The same old 10k. I loved it. No, I lovvvved it (yeah, that sounds better 😛 ). I was all smiling and giggling as I ran early in the gray November morning today. It was like meeting your beloved after a long gap – probably more than that.

It was rather unusual for me to get up as early as 3:30 AM. It just happened. I don’t know why. Last night, my laptop wouldn’t work. I had just returned from a treat by a colleague in a regular restaurant in Bhubaneswar. It was about 11 PM. Had the laptop worked, I probably wouldn’t have slept before 1’o clock. Without the machine to play with, I tried to comfort myself with a book that I had borrowed from Neelabh (when in Delhi for few hours after my arrival from London). I also decided that I should run in the morning – so an alarm for 5 AM was set up. I fell asleep by 11:30 I guess. This still doesn’t explain what made me wake up as early as half past three in the morning. It could have been the ill-effect of the book. I should tell you guys more about the book.

Neelabh described the main characters of the book – Weight Loss – in one of his earlier posts. I shouldn’t have started reading this book in spite of the good enough hints thrown in Neelabh’s post. I was touching a fiction after a long time and OMG what kind of book was this. The kind of imagery that the author could create in the first fifty pages was gross to say the least. Upamanyu chatterjee did not only make his male characters scratch their balls but also took pride in introducing female characters who scratched their cunt. Then there were sweaty armpits and yello teeth and so many yuck things that anyone would make faces, and murmur ‘ewww’ while reading the book. It really was a struggle to cross 90 – after which I kind of got used to such things. I think, one begins to appreciate the story only after one have crossed 100, which I finally did today morning after coming back from running. And something tells me, I will actually finish reading this psychidelic adult novel about a kid (who grows into man) whose sexual preferences are disfigured.

I had earlier remarked how being on the Eastern side of India meant facing the sun ealier than everyone else in the country. Sun still rises quite early but as winter is advancing, the timings are slowly shifting forward. Even at 5:10 AM it was dark. And dogs act like motherfuckers if you try running in dark. I was so reminded of my Havelock run today. I shouldn’t hit the road before 5:30 tomorrow – let the dogs get their sleep.

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