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🙂 When you say ‘most often’ – does it mean, ki this time – in this particular pic – golden and black fail to go well together? 😛

well i meant ‘this one inclusive’…

btw, i m curious how did u decide on the pose, esp your left hand…it that an indicator of pacifying an upset stomach or something …*ahem* *ahem*……more controversial.. 😛

Chi chi – gande vichar man se nikaal de ladki- and in any case with ones left hand, a guy cannot ‘pacify’ that controversial something – he can only agitate it 😛

you are the only one who got the context correct Sweety 🙂 This was taken few minutes after I came back after a 10k run. 🙂 Aur kya baat hai – aaj kal mere blog vlog regularly padhne lagi ho 🙂

a is not = alien.
But i can assure you a lot of good sex.
Shit. You look so yummy.
I’d devour you right now if i could.

Luckily, got it right in first shot. Although I must say I took two more pics after this but I transferred all three to laptop, this one stood out.

Number of comments are so misleading – you should go by the number of commentators – just 8. What I like is that 5 of them are girls (so what if 2 girls are sis 🙂 ).

waise..rather than going by the number of ppl who have commented here, i think it’s better to look at the number of times, people have returned to read the replies ….

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