From London – 3

I never changed my wrist-watch settings to UK time – that let me stay connected to India. Boots over jeans are extremely popular here in London. I went to Leeds for a day to catch up with Bua and family – was nice staying at a home and eating home made food and jalebi and samosa and all that. Even the countryside car drive was cool. I am bored. I am fed up. I am glad I will be back to India – back to work in just another day. I think I will do nothing this Sunday. As you travel in tube, you can listen to people talking about job-cuts, or at least reading newspapers flashing effects of economic crisis. After a while, when the natural charm doesn’t attract you anymore, London is just like any other city – where people get up every day and go to work. Work is all that there is to life. And company – someone to speak to about your work. In company, even when you don’t do any work, you don’t feel bad about that. The false pride of being successful is addictive. I am waiting to see that shock on everyone’s face when I finally leave all these wonderful things that a ‘settled’ life and a ‘settled’ job has brought to me. IIT wasn’t the truth of life. Nice job wasn’t the truth of life. And now, London isn’t the truth of life. I am happy I have the guts to believe in my true calling.

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hmm.. i am here typing something in the comment form..but dunno what’s my point..
just having a feeling that u are not enjoying london as much as u were hoping..

I think it is good enough for one to realize what isn’t the truth – that way one at least moves closer to the truth.

The truth that I am seeking is my true calling. It is too early to know what it is, but I like it every time I realize what all it isn’t. 🙂

I wasn’t hoping too much actually. I enjoy ‘doing’ things – after few days, there was nothing new to do in London. Or should I say, I started feeling unproductive after a while and hence the desire to get back to work started dominating.

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