2 more days to go

2 more days to go – said the desktop calendar, as it popped up today morning. I had given up on the idea of going to London already. The guys there in the Visa application centre at Chennai, were themselves apprehensive about me getting a UK-Visa by Friday given that I had submitted the application form this Monday itself. However, all my friends and colleagues who came to know about this planned trip, expressed sincere wishes that I get Visa on time and that my trip didn’t get canceled. I truly believe that it was all because of my well-wishers that I got my Passport on time. And today, I should tell all you guys that, once again your wishes and the wishes of other friends, family members and colleagues, have worked out – the Visa was delivered today in the office.

I shall be back to Chennai tomorrow and I guess I might have to cancel my plan to watch Bala’s play at 7 in the evening tomorrow. That’s because my journey begins at 00:30 hrs from Chennai on Saturday (yeah, go ahead call it Friday night if you want to 🙂 ). Any idea where you get good warm clothes in Chennai (I don’t have any and London is going to be pretty cold)?

And before I end, thanks once again for all the good wishes.

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i hope u have a great time in London… and I remember someone saying something about Lindt Chocolates…can i get some too? 😛

You have a tough task ahead! 😉 I gave up in Chennai and finally was able to find some at my hometown in Orissa.
Worst case look in TNagar sharavana stores or Spencers!
Hope you have a great time in London, enjoy!

LOL! I too shopped in Orissa itself! 😛 After office was over today, I dropped by Pantaloons here in Bhubaneswar and they have enough number of decent jackets – so I finally have a good one now.


Don’t forget to blog your London experiences – of course, you will! Eager to know more about the royal shit 😛

Contact me if you need any assistance in london. 😛

Why didnt you book your flight from delhi or why dont you come to delhi while returning? Main vachan deta hoon ki tujhe nainitaal nahi le jaunga.. 😉

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