Shita – Chapter 2

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Sanjaya speaks

Seeing Arjuna getting senti and all, Krishnaji spoke to him

God speaks (Hello?)

Saale, tu bhi na. Tere ko senti hone ke liye aur koi time nahi mila tha? Be a man dude. Fight kar beta, fight.

Arjuna speaks

Nahi yaar, I don’t see the point in killing my elders like Bhisma and Drona uncle just for the sake of money and all that. I mean, we don’t even know who will win. Actually, frankly speaking, me all confused confused.

Sanjay speaks

Finally Arjuna took a quick decision and declared to Krishna babu- mai lad-vad nahi raha. Krishna babu phir chaloo ho gaye.

God speaks

Dude, let me give you some solid gyaan. It’s just the body that grows up, decays and dies. The soul is inedestructible. So you cannot anyway kill any real thing in this battle. Thode mode shareer tapka daal yaar. And think of this, it won’t be the real you who would be killing anyone – it just would be your body doing all the action. Body is like a condom – after its use, it gotta be thrown away. The real thing always exists 😛

You are a warrior, so you better fight. Your cause is right anyway. Nahi ladega, to jam ke gaaliyaan padengi. Even after your death, sab thookenge tere upar. Fight this battle, and mar bhi gaya to its okay – I will book a guest house in heaven for you for some time. Just chill.

I do get your funda of the purposelessness of ruling a kingdom and all that. I am not even asking you to go fight so that you get to rule. I am asking you to rise above these things – worldly pleasures. You better stop caring about the result. If you win, you get to rule, if you lose / die you just lose / die. That’s about it. Can’t you like, grow over all this and think only about the work that lies ahead of you – just do it. That’s the only purpose of your life – that’s what being with God is all about.

Arjuna speaks

Phew! That was slightly too much! God wonly! Aap mere ko short me define karo boss. How exactly does a man who has grown over all pleasures, and simply does his duty – in other words, who is close to God – live? What does he eat, drink, listen to, speak, write?

God speaks

He simply teaches himself to dis-attach himself from all materialistic objects. That’s the only way of attaining eternal peace. The funda is simple beta – the moment you let your senses go out of control, you start getting attached to things, people etc. Attachment leads to desire which then leads to anger which in turn causes infatuation, infatuation causing confusion of memory and then such confusion ultimately leading to loss of reason. And once reason is lost, bhagwaan hi bhala karein. Aur vo mai karta nahi. 😛

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