8 more days to go

Finally, I seem to have all the things necessary to get a Visa – or so I hope. But then, these things can be submitted only on Monday because that’s when the Chennai Visa office opens next. This also means that I am here in Chennai till Monday. In some ways it’s a good thing. 🙂

I caught up with Leela and other juniors whom I ran into day before yesterday when I reached insti. I crashed off on a hostel bed, in a my hostel and felt so much at home. The non-availability of LAN in the morning was a disappointment. Worse than lack of Internet was the lack of clothes. This being an unplanned trip, I was not carrying spare clothes – and whatever few I was carrying, had been left in the hotel in Kolkata (ref: prev post).

Leela gifted me a t-shirt when I met her and hence I didn’t have to put on the same dirty shirt again yesterday morning, after taking a bath. There still was no substitute to the jeans, underwear or the socks. I had to reach the Chennai office early and hence I obviously didn’t have time to shop. I finally reached office in t-shirt and jeans, and of course without any undergarment on.

I left the office late in the night. Shit, the shops had already started shutting down. A day without underwear was fine, but life couldn’t go on like that! Even the outerwear was improper – it felt weird to wear informal in office. New pair of socks was as well needed. Ah, I didn’t even have shorts! The list was long but finally, everything was taken care of. I must say here that I ended up spending loads of money in the process – which is not a very good thing. Somtimes situations win over your intentions. 

I plan to visit insti again tomorrow – if any of you are in insti and want to catch up or have free coffee at CCD, do let me know. The good old phone number still works.

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