14 more days to go

Just now, as the computer-clock struck 12 AM, the Desktop-calendar installed on the system triggered a pop-up which read: 14 more days to go. It was  Friday till less than a minute back. Now it’s Saturday.

They say it usually takes 15 days to get a visitor’s Visa for UK. I hope I better get it within 10 days. As of now, I don’t even have my passport in my hands – it was issued only this Wednesday. Thankfully I at least got my passport number and so could apply for a Visa appointment which is scheduled for Monday in Kolkata.

I guess I would roam around in Kolkata on Sunday and get myself some warm formals; heard Novemeber is cold in London. It would be silly if the Passport doesn’t reach home by tomorrow. If it does, someone should bring it to Kolkata on Sunday from home. If it doesn’t, blame Raj Thackrey. Thanks to his agitation against Biharis in railway jobs, Biharis have started burning train coaches, which could ensure that the Passport dispatched gets delayed in reaching home. Without the original Passport, I won’t be able to apply for Visa.

14 more days to go and I don’t even know if I would be in London. Let’s see.

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beimaani hai… beimaani hai.. main aur TMS tere saath nahin khel rahe..

Chocolates, Lindt ke liquor waale.. mujhe to ye chahiye.. I hope TMS will also agree with me..

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