Give me logic baby

Yes, I am talking about human decisions. The context is one that was raised in the last post titled Selfishness.

Let me pose this question: would you eat a dish made out of human flesh, if the flesh was scrapped out of a human, as soon as he met an accident and died (meaning, the meat was fresh and healthy)?


Do you realize that even if you are a vegetarian, you eat vegetables that are plucked away alive and then burnt, just to satisfy your taste buds and your convenience (how many of you veggies out there survive solely on apples that fall from trees on their own)?

Here I was offering you something, which would have decayed soon, only to be consumed by flies and bacteria. Wasn’t it a better deal?

You would go ahead and burn the body instead, or cremate it? That guy who died, doesn’t deserve his flesh to be eaten? Even when his dead body is bound to turn to dust? Where is the logic? Isn’t it nothing more than an emotional choice?

So would you accept that you simply are comfortable, eating vegetables even when you realize that you need to kill living cells in the process? Would you accept that you don’t want to go by logic – that you would prefer to weigh your emotions and convinience more?

Give me logic. Go ahead.

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In my opinion your food habits makes you a small part of a huge spectrum.

There are very conservative people (my paternal grand mother for instance) who do not eat onion, radish, garlic carrots etc because they are roots of a plant. The mythological reason given to it is that they are vegetables created by man (Vishwamitra) and not god. But real reason is that in order to eat it, you have to kill it. There are vegans who do not even eat animal products like milk and egg. There are vegetarians who do not eat meat. There are those who eat only fish or chicken and there are “regular” non vegetarians. Even among non-vegetarians there are those who eat only halaal meat or kosher meat where animals are killed in presence of priest. They feel good that animal would not have been killed mercilessly in that if a priest was present. There are others who don’t care. Then there are south east asian countries where people eat snakes etc etc. If you ask a hindu non vegetarian to eat snake, would he? No. Why? Because he never has and he thinks it is disgusting. The reason why I do not take non-vegetarian food is because i dont like that way they look and the way they smell. I think they are disgusting to eat.

I don’t think its about morals etc. If you are eating onions, you are killing a plant. There is notihing that make like of a fish more special than life on an onion plant. It is just the way you were brought up. My father doesn’t even like onions because he was never given onion at his home. He doesn’t mind eating it because he is used to it. I dont like garlic for the same reason. But I am used to it and I dont mind it.

I think there is no moral high ground here. Its just where you are on the spectrum.

I m pure vegg.eating vegg is nothing wrong as this is the process of life.U have to eat something if u want to live alive.being a veg is better dan being a non-veg.

Agree with you. But I would insist you read the post posted before that, titled Selfishness, and tell me if eating food is a selfish act or not.

You can eat only fruits that fall off trees because they would die anyway. Doing that would be enough for you to survive.

But when you eat vegetables or grains, you are eating agricultural products that were ‘killed’ in all the sense of killing.

I agree with eating veg is ‘better’ than eating non-veg in some ways. As I mentioned in the last post – both acts are selfish, but we can choose to do the less selfish act.

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