Fat people dancing

When fat people start dancing, and especially when they really start enjoying doing that (which shows when the amount of time they spend in air – because of excessive jumping during the dance movements, exceeds the amount of time they spend on the floor), the attention shifts from their dance steps to the floor. Yes, you want people to be happy. And yes, you know when people are happy, they might dance. But if they are fat, they better control. No one is denying fat men and women the right to shake their asses. But can they please keep it at that and stop jumping on the ground?

This was just so mean of me. A post after so many days and me expressing my weird views on fat people dancing? What’s wrong? But they still shouldn’t jump so much, should they?

I have this feeling that someone fat is going to come to my dreams today and start jumping all over me, the frequency and intensity going up every second – me starting to bleed under the force, the impulse, the momentum, the mass into the velocity – me shouting out loud for apologies for this post – tha fat person not listening at all – totally lost in music and the dance. Bloody dance. Stop dancing. Please. Dance, but stop jumping at least. Stop. Stop. Stop.

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Mean post. Real mean.I dont think I have heard of any dance floor caving in because of fat people jumping. I seriously wish that fat person makes a nice mincemeat out of you in your dreams.


I am a feature writer with The Indian Express Nwspapers. I am working on a story on Indian webcomics. It would be really nice if I could speak to you about yours. Could you tell me how to go about it.

Revert as soon as possible.


Piyasree Dasgupta
Staff Writer
The Indian Express Newspapers

hahaha.. tell me something… why do extremely thin ppl always have something against the fat ones???
totally unfair man! not done..not done..

🙂 Umm.. I don’t know if what you say is really true and even it be, I definitely don’t find myself wise enough to be able to explain it.

I was watching AXN the other day, where this real fat lady was dancing too hard and it didn’t look good at all. I have seen fat people dance and some of them do so well that you are almost spellbound. So I would definitely not generalize.

This post was mean – and I am glad I accepted this in the post itself. Most of us love to generalize and I am no exception. However I admit that it’s a flaw in me. Many don’t even admit that and defense their generalizations.

Ah, I drifted away tad too much. Let me end this reply by asking something to you instead – so which category do you belong to – ex thin or ex fat? 😀

hahaha…here u lose.. 😀
me neither extra thin…nor extra fat…
am in perfect shape (or that’s what i like to think abt myself)

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