General October 08 update

I am not doing great since last few days. There is severe cough since quite some time, that doesn’t seem to go. Cough syrup’s effect is slow. I am already on my second bottle. The mind gets restless every time I am alone. I wrote dad an e-mai 2-3 days ago, telling him how I felt about doing the Puja and how I could not connect to Durga. Being so honest to him came at a cost. I feel heavy from the heart because I keep feeling I hurt him. He did reply back, and his words were touching and pure. Truth is bitter, but did I need to throw it out at papa? I don’t know. Only time shall tell.

Bhubaneswar is getting hot as it hasn’t rained since quite some time. Not using the AC is one thing, but at the same time, saying that its a very comfortable thing to do is another. Probably God is testing me. There is a burning sensation all over the skin, and the air from the fan doesn’t seem to be helping. I hope this physical weakness goes away soon. I hope to start running soon. I hope to recover soon. There is work to do, and ony more of it. Dear readers, be with me.

To tone down the seriousness of the last few posts, almost all of which have been pretty grave and philosophical, here is a joke:

A: Kaam kiye jah, fal ki chinta mat kar

B: Umm, but yadi fal ki chinta ho to?

A: Then use condoms

Keep smiling! 🙂

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