Two lives and mummy

Someone learnt how to use e-mails finally. 🙂

At 60 paise a minute (or even a reduced 30 paise a minute between 10 Pm to 8 Am), Tata Indicom USB modem connection is costly. One hour of usage during day time costs 36 bucks and for a speed of 150 kbps (usage of 1 Mbps broadband at a cyber café costs 10-15 rupees here in Deoghar).

But costs aside, one good thing is that I could set it up immediately (with timely help from Leela). As a result mummy has already created her first email account; she has already sent her first email – to her children of course; she has already learnt what Google is and; she already knows how to open my blog-site or that of my bros. Although I didn’t let her read my posts (let her do that when I am away), I did make her read some of bro’s. I could see a spark in her eyes. I loved that.

Finally my family will come to know about the grown-up-me better. Now that I already know they will come to dig up all the shit that I have thrown online so far, I decided to open up myself. For the first time, I showed mummy photos of all the girls who came to / left my life (without revealing any stories though). I took her through various pictures of mine, taken at various time during the past few years – some showing me fagging, some showing me drinking and some simply with my ex-girl friend(s).

Since a long time, I have been living two lives. When at home, I am what I was the day I took birth – my parents elder son. When not at home, I am myself – a person who grows every day, and not just physically.

I don’t think these two lives will ever merge and I have no issues with it.  I don’t want to become yet another interesting person to be with, even at home. It’s good being just a son. But my only concern is the disconnect between these two aspects of mine. This disconnect till yesterday was very wide. With my mom starting to use internet, it’s narrowing down. And I like it this way. 🙂

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