Connect AC and people suffering from floods

People are still suffering with floods and all that. In Orissa. In Bihar. I still haven’t switched on the AC, ever since I decided I didn’t want to use it. And as some of my readers have pointed out (by comments to that painfully long post about my life and all that), my not using AC, in no ‘fucking’ way, helps any of those out there who face fresh problems every day, fighting with life.

Most of us have this habit of defending ourselves. We do that especially when we are talking / discussing with friends. With friends, we are always aware that at some level, one is not superior to the other. Arguments. Disagreements. It’s such a routine part of life. But how many times, instead of defending, have we immediately replied back saying something like: ‘Yes, I think you are absolutely right. I think I was wrong’. Do you remember the last time you said something like that when your friend said ‘Dude, you are wrong’. Do you remember when was the last time you didn’t feel like defending yourself?

This is for those who don’t see a connection between my deciding to stop using AC and people suffering with floods (especially the poor junta out there): Yes I think you guys are absolutely right. I think I was wrong.

There might be no connection. But the fact remains that I don’t feel like getting used to a lifestyle that’s not necessary. This is all switching off the AC means to me. Trying to resist the temptaion to let my life style change. My parents don’t have AC at home. We never had. The only car that we have had is a Maruti Omni. I have never got myself any suit to wear so far. Let me just come to the point. Today, I find myself at that stage in my life, where I ‘can’ let money change my life-style. Tomorrow I might get used to it. Day after I will get so comfortable in my life-style, like thousands of others, who are living in AC houses and driving costly cars, that I might end up shutting my eyes from the real world. Just like everyone else.

Today, I see myself in a position, where I need to decide. Do I want more things for myself, get used to them, get bored with them, then wish for better things, an even higher lifestyle…


Do I want to stop making ‘my’ life any better than what it already is (its so much better off than millions of others who suffer and who die out of hunger, isn’t it?) and do something about those who didn’t get as much in life as I did. A little bit. My bit?

That night when I decided I didn’t need the AC, I knew I had made my decision.

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Whoa! My other alter ego has inspired a whole post with his silly comments.
One small comment by a, one giant leap for avatsa πŸ™‚

But I do appreciate what you are going thru. We all do! And it is nice of you to contribute in your own little ways towards the betterment of humanity.

Really. I mean it. Seriously.

I don’t know what the contribution mite be…how it mite help or not….but it jus says one thing loud and clear…nothin can/ will change you..not that I needed a post like this to say this…but you are one person who I feel will remain the same to me and everyone else…come time…come age…come anythin at all….love you for it…always will for wat you are and wat you will continue to remain…

i am happy you have taken brickbats in your stride
“Arguments. Disagreements. It’s such a routine part of life. But how many times, instead of defending, have we immediately replied back saying something like: β€˜Yes, I think you are absolutely right. I think I was wrong’.”
perfectly put .. i wish i had the same equanimity towards life and its various fcets
nice post man
you made my day

Nice to see someone going so much ahead of time. Usually it takes a personal helicopter and an island before people realize that true happiness comes only when you return to the roots and give rather than take. This post just made my day. This post just impelled me to comment for the first time.

I have done a few similar things earlier in my life and for me its completely understandable.
Getting more money doesnt imply that you should waste more of it,even if you dont need to.I mean, watch Warren Buffet…his life style has always been and still is SIMPLE…
Its good that you yourself had the temptation of not needing the AC.
So u r moving towards highness… :mrgreen: isnt it??

My dad says the exact same thing. To appreciate what you have in comparison to someone not as fortunate as you than crave for something that someone has that you don’t. Kudos to you for being able to make that choice.

Very dramatic.. πŸ˜€ But do what you can. πŸ™‚ If you can, try using solar power so you can end up in ‘power profit’ and if its successful try sharing your tinkering with anyone who can use it. That would be fun! (Rubbing hands in anticipation)

Thanks for the encouragement. I already know by the way that making a decision is one thing and working to live it is another. I am not very sure when the real action will begin. But let me train myself a little bit.

I won’t call it highness. It simply is my calling. I am trying to move towards doing something that I think is the best thing (in my opinion) one can do while one is alive.

A really great idea. I also believe these little things do make a difference.

I spent a month without electricity at my village in Orissa(its 40km from Cuttack) just after the super cyclone. It was certainly inconvenient at times, but never unbearable.

All the very best for similar endeavours in future.

Good Luck for your noble venture..all we need are more people like you πŸ™‚
btw…A/C makes me uncomfortable too..guess i’ll never get used to it..

hey c’mon..give a little credit to urself..
ppl should have at least the willingness…thats the first step

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