Shitoon, waist, tie and book-cover

My I-ball pen stopped working the way it was meant to be in less than a week. That’s as good as I-ball products are. In fact I really would never have purchased the paper-to-comp gadget from I Ball had any other brand been offering the same (do you guys know of any other brand which sells such products in India). Anyway, I have given the pen for repair / replacement because it came with a one year warranty. Let’s see if I have something to play with and make my Shitoons, tomorrow.

Three of my trousers that fit properly are now tight and I feel uncomfortable in them. Did my waist size went up because I didn’t run after coming back from Delhi or in other words, for two weeks? Could be. So well, I went for running today morning. Same old 10k track. The trousers are with a tailor. The waist size shall be increased by an inch, by tomorrow evening. I only hope I don’t shrink enough for the pants now.

Remember I talked about my new enthu to wear tie? The only problem was that I had only one tie. Everyone including myself got bored. Moreover, a Red Tie doesn’t look that great on a brown shirt. 😛 Finally, I have a black one too. 🙂

I had designed the cover page for a book few months back. The book is called Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (SHSF) and has been written by Rashmi Bansal who passed out from IIMA, runs a magazine called JAM and blogs here. You can find that book in bookstores from tomorrow. Rashmi sent me a copy last week, and I have read 2 of the 25 stories. They are inspiring.

Oh yes, I should have told you before. SHSF is a collection of stories of 25 dudes (old and young) who all passed from IIMA and went ahead to become entrepreneurs. Mauka mile to padho.

It’s time to get a gift ready for someone special. I am not too sure how much I would be able to blog in the coming week. So, well, milte hain weekend pe unless of course I find some time for some mid-week shit.

Jeete raho doston! 🙂

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hey amazing blog u’ve got der 😀 …but how do u get these smileys?? …is it onli the template or sumfinkelse that u install for such smileyes in the post?? ❓ …check out my blog if u wanna 😆 😛 🙂 :mrgreen:


There is this smiley plugin that I have installed (anyone who runs his / her site on WordPress software can install this plugin).

I liked the design of your blog. Keep the good work up.

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