I hate RT

I am a little more than one bottle of Beer down. This is the perfect intake to make me philosophical.

Since Monday I have been working all the time, wheter in office or in guest0house, and feeling no work load at all! i wonder why I hardly worked when in IIT. It’s the same. I guess most of it has to do with motivation. Now that it’s a job, I know why I am doing what I am doing. The objectie is clear. College was so vague.

I hate Raj Thackrey. I hate those who fall for his gimmicks. Jaya says something funny and its made to be anit-Marathi. Kuch bhi! I love AB. All of you should read his reaction on his blog. But what else can politicians like Raj do anyway besides raising  non-relevant issues to get some media attention, to make sure few more people know his name. Bloodly politics. I just hope every one in Maharashtra realizes these games that Raj keeps playing and for this reason, DOES NOT vote for him. I so wanted to make a Shioon on this Raj-Jaya drama. Wish I had the time or energy left.

You know what guys, let me not write anything more. Beer is showing its effect. Let me come back on weekend. Let me just get super drunk and work like an ass even tomorrow. Cyao on Weekend.

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Who the fuck is Raj Thakre to forgive AB? AB is paying more tax than him.

Kshama baden ko chahiye, chhoten ko utpaat..

AB must have forgiven him. Mr Bacchan Rocks…

BTW Beer is reflecting on your spellings.. 😉

As mentioned by Neelabh…that was one thing i kept on noticing too…being an Editor cant help it…

I think Raj Thakre is one person who is promoting ‘Jai Maharashtra’ instead of ‘Jai Hind’…he is now trying to break India into different States and if there is someone who is beyond these boundaries he keeps reminding them of that… Species like him should not be left in Public..what are cages for???

From what I could gather by whatever little time spent in front of TV and AB’s blog, Raj made the whole thing sound like a fun of Maharashtra and the apology was demanded from Maharashtrians, not himself.

Of course Raju bete ne apne aapko Maharashtra ka representative maan liya.

Yes, I realized that beer was reflecting on my spelling even as I was typing this blogshit away. Since I could not control it, I stopped writing! 🙂

He could be promoting ‘Jai Maharashtra’. But more than that he is coming up with new ways to promote himself.

His Modus Operndi: Keep looking for any stupid reason to make a announcement in public. Then create an issue out of it. Motivate and send a bunch of followers to create ruckus, in turn catching more footage on TV (for free). Make sure that in some way ‘Maharashtra’ is related and whatever he is doing has a ‘justification’. The man wants to project himself as a Marathi Hero and he is doing a pretty good job of it. I only hope the Marathis don’t fall for such strategists who like Power for themselves, more than anything else.

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