I left office to reach guest house

I worked in office all day. I left office to reach the guest house. The only difference from regular days is that this guest house is in Delhi. The following was written as I was waiting in a departure lounge in Bhubaneswar airport a little more than two hours  back. I am in a taxi right now headed to the guest house that happens to be near IIT Delhi.


I shall be in reach Delhi tonight. I shall attend a Seminar tomorrow to know more about the sector that I am working on.

I wish that some value-ad happens tomorrow and I don’t have to feel that I wasted time and energy attending it. I wish that, even if the seminar happens to be a boring one (which in all likelihood, it shall be), tells me something new, something to carry back when I return on Sunday evening; something to share with my colleagues and my company, if not the rest of the world.

It’s been long since I last spent time with Neelabh. If everything goes fine, we might visit Nainital on Saturday. Just for an evening. I’ll try to do a 10K in Nainital. Running in a hill-station will be some experience (though I must say Lonavala was very close to being a hill-station).

Whether I run or not, we shall celebrate. Life. ABSOLUTely! 😛

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