On TV, books and my ONO girl

Raju Srivastav is as funny as ever. Did you guys see him do the Laloo-ban-gaya-Superman thingy? It’s so LOL max guys, it’s so friggin lol-max. Sushmita Sen’s face is more chubbier than it ever was. Airtel shamelessly copies Vodafone’s ad (except a minor replacement of bro-sis pair with a couple). The good thing is that both ads are good; make you smile. For strange reasons News channel discuss Saif and Kareena as a couple. Ah, so I have started watching TV.

I still don’t know which show comes on what channel, nor do I have any idea bout when comes what show. But yes, it’s not all that painful anymore, as it used to be some time back, to sit on the couch and stare at the idiot-box, as long as there are others around or as long as I have my laptop to play with.

TV isn’t the only thing by the way. ThanksΒ  to Dk (colleague), I have a book to read too. An autobiography. Mr. Nice. Nice. So was SIK. Good entertainment. I laughed a lot. It was a nonsense movie nevertheless.

There was a time when I used to write sweet and cute poems. Then there came a time when I started writing sick and depressing poems. It’s been long since I wrote a poem. This one is for my ONO girl.

Hey Hi ONO girl, temme how you are.
Hey Hi ONO girl, you are so so far.
We chat and we talk, we say Hi and say ONO.
My sweet ONO girl, bus ab mil ek baar.

I don’t talk about the ‘sparks’ anymore.
I act very normal, oh I am so sure.
But from deep within, haven’t you ever sensed
that I feel something, I never felt before?

Hey hi ONO girl, you are so so far!
My Santa Clause, oh yes you are.
Bring me gifts, bring me love, in December
It’s late, I should crash, ONO sarkaar!

8 replies on “On TV, books and my ONO girl”

silly kyun?
its like one of those crazy rap songs, u hate and love it at the same time πŸ˜›

the santa n dec connection was a winner,(ofcourse jab meko kaafi time ke baad chamka)

kya kar raha hai?

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