Let me have a nice Sunday

This is for those who think it’s time a new Shitoon came up and those who have requested caricatures but haven’t yet received them. There is no photoshop on my company laptop. I must say that I don’t feel great about this fact. Let me see if I can get hold of a setup file from somewhere. Dellruba had it installed, but she is now with sis. Some computer shop, somewhere in this city, mastering in the art of pirated software sales should come to my rescue.

The New Marrion, a nice hotel in the city announces opening of a new restaurant in its lobby. I plan to check it out along with DK (she is my colleague here) for today’s lunch. To make more of a lazy Sunday, we might let Akshay Kumar (AK) torture us in Singh is Kingh (SIK). The only other movie that’s running in Bhuv is Bachna Ae Hasino, and I have been strictly adviced to avoid the movie at all costs, that too, twice; once from a girl in Mumbai (who had seen the premiere show) and then today from a girl from Mumbai (who saw the movie in US few days ago).

Although, I must admit, it was fun following the free publicity stunt of SIK on TV. First show AK wearing a turban with different kinds/cuts of beard in the promos, then attract attention of real Sikhs and then let News channels do annoying publicity for the movie. What a wonderful way to ensure that the opening of the movie rocks. This is such a routine trick, and it almost always works, at least as far as first week of collections go.

Talking about publicity stunts, I hate Mamata Bannerjee (MB). What she does, so irritates me. What has West Bengal done to deserve her?

Politicians! Raj Thackery does anti-Bihari stunts to put himself in limelight. MB does anti-industrialization stunt, invoking violence, letting people die, all to put herself and her party in limelight, all for the hope of getting few extra seats, whenever the next elections happen. Is shoving off TATA in any way good for WB?

Let me not get affected from these politicians and the kinds of strategies that they weave. Let me breathe in peace, for as long as I can. Let me have a nice Sunday.

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I don’t know about floods but there is an Orissa-bandh tomorrow and that means we are stranded in our guest-house. There you go. You DEVIL. :mrgreen:

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