Road Roaming in Puri

The moment I switched on the TV, I saw a girl from Bhubaneswar rocking on Boogie Woogie. Her dance performance was really good. Even the judges said so. It felt nice to see someone from Bhubaneswar on TV. I had just returned to Bhuv from Puri.

Puri. A one and a half hour bus journey, that started about twelve hours from now, transported me to this ancient town famous for the Jagannath Temple. I didn’t visit the temple. I did what I had done in Kolkata; walked without any destination in mind; walked without asking for directions. Yes, I did road-roaming.

To be frank, I kept walking towards East after getting down at bus-stand. So the road-roaming wasn’t really directionless. After about one hour, when the beach wasn’t yet anywhere in sight, I tried to move beyond the compass and asked a human being. I was given an overall direction. I tried following that. It started raining. I took shelter in a temple. For one whole hour. When the rains subsided, I continued my walk and finally hit the beach. Finally I knew why East-walking wasn’t helping me. The Puri beach was in the S-E direction.

My watch that has a compass was gifted to me by sishter and I love it. The same sishter that gave me this compass, took away my shades in Mumbai. I missed my shades today. Even without shades however, I did love being at the Puri beach, all alone, on a Saturdady afternoon that was just perfect.

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