New sim in Bhuv

So much to do. Loving my work. It’s hardly work. It’s becoming a way of life. I got a new Bhubanewsar sim today. That does not mean I am throwing away my Chennai number. That number has stayed with me for five years. It shall stay forever. It is to me what BSNL is to Preity Zinta: pehchaan! 🙂

Those who need my Bhuv number and haven’t yet been told can ask me for it. I shall oblige. Day and night have been about work and more work, so hardly have any thing to blog about. Weekends might help me get some time to connect to all you guys there. God bless you all.

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The reason has always been the urge to connect to people out there, who could be anyone, in my shitty way.

When one devotes too much of energy to something, it becomes difficult to save some even for your passion. Connecting to friends and strangers through blog is a passion. 🙂

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