Day dream?

9:45 AM

This time it is the Mumbai Airport that fails me. Like so many others in India, it doesn’t have wifi, at least not in the Air India departure lounge where I wait for my flight back to Bhuv. If this post gets posted, credit shall go to my data-card.

As I look down on my right hand wrist, I see few colourful strings around it. Only the remains of the Rakhi remain. There are three of them. Two were tied by sishter and one by cousin Disha. Yesterday. Rakshabandhan.

Disha’s baby sister turned 6 yesterday. 6 days! I wish she could tie me a Rakhi too. She is so cute and so sleepy; sleeps all the time. It really is time I buy a camera. There are so many moments, so many expressions, so many things that are worth clicking that I miss out on, again and again.

As I had guessed, receiving a sari from son for mummy (and from grandson for dadi) was more about realizing the fact that someone had grown up and started earning, than about how good the sari was. This kind of happiness that you see in their eyes can hardly be achieved by anything else.

All their lives, your folks keep dreaming of a life for you, that you would live once you grow up. They get elated every time they are made to realize that all their dreams have materialized, all their prayers have been answered. They feel proud for you. You feel happy for them.

I might never know what the real purpose of life is, but I can say for sure that without these moments, life wouldn’t have been complete.

2:45 PM

Sitting in my room in Bhubaneswar. Just when the data card got connected and I could post, we were asked to board the flight. Suddenly the last few days looks like a day dream. Should wake up soon. 🙂

4 replies on “Day dream?”

How’s Bhubaneshwar? Like Oriya food? (Btw the adjective is Oriya not “Oriyan” 😛 )

I’m at home in Rourkela, waiting to leave on 8th next.

Hi Munnu,

I am liking Bhuv.

Cook cooks great food in guest-house. I don’t know how Oriya it is. I have eaten outside just once in a place called Nakli Dhaba in Mayfair. That again I doubt was Oriya.

Have a nice time chilling at home.

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