Let me confess that I love…

Let me confess. I love seeing myself in mirror every time I come back after a long run (read 8k plus). I love to adore my body. The body always looks nicer immediately after you have pushed yourself physically and you are sweating and panting. I like seeing my chest rise and fall, as the body slowly calms down.

The results of regular but non-rigorous workouts sessions, non-regular but long distance running, and extremely regular and more than extremely rigorous intake of food, three times a day, are showing up. I am still as thin and as light and as underweight. But the body definitely looks more toned than it used to, say two months ago. Six packs are slowly showing up, although they can be seen only for half an hour after an exhausting run (uske baad pata nahi kahaan gayab ho jaate hai saale chhe ke chhe). The current shape is just perfect. A little more meat here and there will help. I would be happy looking more like Lee than Schwarzenegger. If the trend continues, I actually will. 🙂

It was a fast run today. I took three minutes less than the last time (Sunday) to finish the same 10k track. Ever since Bindra’s news hit the air, I have been thinking, Olympic ke liye fight maroon kya? 😛

Authentic Oriya Saris for mumma and dadi have been purchased.

Next run should happen at Lonavala tomorrow.

By the way what is your favourite song of the season? Share it. I didn’t have one, till I listened to this. And now let me confess that I love…

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mayb u shud also write abt how its not-so-good to be a slacker at times 😛

btw, some1 forgot to mention credits 😛

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