What, you wanna abolish JEE?

What is this drama about IIT-JEE? Dean students, IIT Madras thinks JEE should be scrapped! This seriously is the limit. kuch bhi? Jo man me aaya bol diya, aisa?

Let me copy-paste IITM’s director quoted words for the news article and then let me rape him.

I am looking for students with raw intelligence and not those with a mind prepared by coaching class. The coaching classes only help students in mastering pattern recognizing skills. With this, you cannot get students with raw intelligence.

I do not get this deal about generally blaming coaching classes for everything. So dear Diro, do you also think that since so many coaching classes exist for Civil Services Examination, the IAS officers of today lack raw intelligence? What is raw intelligence anyway? Politicians with no intelligence run this country. And someone here has a problem with coaching classes.

Coaching classes do what it takes to increase every students chance of qualifying JEE. I didn’t take coaching. I still qualified. Big deal. Does that mean I have raw intelligence? Bull shit.

What do you teach inside IIT anyway? One course after another. How are you so sure that the kind of skills that coaching classes impart those who attend them, are not enough to take what IIT offers?

So many students go for coaching. So few of them who do coaching, finally qualify (5%, 10%, how much?). How is it that some students develop a better pattern recognizing skill than the others, even when they all go for coaching? Could it be, Mr. diro, that the raw intelligence that you talked about, is responsible for this difference?

Pattern recognizing skills! What pattern does JEE have anway? One year you ask subjective questions, another year you make it totally objective. One year, you include xyz in the syllabus, another year you remove that. One year you take a screening first and then a main exam, another year you take just one. Pattern? Kahaan?

In the same article, the following is what the Diro further said:

We must evolve a system where only the top 1% of students from different state boards and CBSE are permitted to appear for the JEE

State board and CBSE? I thought someone was concerned about patterns! You are suggesting use of board exams as a criteria for selection? Is there any other exam in India which follows an extremely predictable pattern than the board exams? Why such contrasting views Mr. Diro, why? Chalo, raped you enough. Ab dean ki baari hai.

Read what the dean student says:

One of the reasons for the poor intake of girls in the flagship B. Tech programme is that parents don’t send daughters for coaching classes. The best way to increase the intake of girls is to have direct admissions.

I don’t know whether to laugh over this or cry. How many professors in IIT Madras are female sir? And how many IAS officers in Tamil Nadu or even the rest of the India female? Hai jawaab?

Girls of today are sensible. Flagship B. Tech programme! Blah! I wonder why these guys don’t give any basis for their statements. Why do these guys who have worked inside the system since long, still talk like those who are outside it. What percentage of girls who sit for JEE qualify? Is it a figure that difficult to obtain?

Educated Indians girls of today have the job security because they are still living in a society where the husband is assumed to take care of his wife by default. So unlike the middle-class boys, they don’t have to fight so badly to get into IITs. Those who really want to do engineering, write the exams. Amongst them, those are good enough, get through. Period.

Go have a look at colleges other than engineering. In fact go have a look at any college where people are not in there because of assurance of a good job, but because it offers the kind of education that they are interested in. Dance colleges, journalism colleges, film-making institutes. You will find enough girls. Many good girls, many smart girls, and at least few intelligent girls.

It isn’t JEE that’s responsible for the lower intake of girls sir, it simply is the lower need to struggle harder than a million ants to study something as crappy as engineering. And believe me they are lucky. They at least have the option to stay out of the stupid rate race. We, the middle-class men, whose fathers don’t run a business, are already tired running it.

Stop frustrating junta by speaking up anything that comes to mind.

I lost my mind after a long time.

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The funny thing is … IIT’s are also not looking around what is happening. BITS had the 1% rule till 2004 …. they quality started dropping and so they shifted to BITSAT (hence PLU got in ). The top 1% rule is crap …. how do you justify top 1% in cbse , ISC which are national boards and 1% in TN or Andhra which are state boards…. Criteria and syllabi are itself different.

Yeah, totally shady statements from Diro and Dean. I would like to read the original article though but the link (“drama about IIT-JEE?”) is bad(access denied). Could you please fix that?

Well written… sahi mein kuchh bhi bak dete hain…. aur board ko le kar chhaati peetna ab band karna chahiye….

School education includes many things besides mugging, mugging and mugging. But that happens only till you are in class 8th or 9th.

Find me one student who doesn’t feel the pressure of a ‘board’ exam when he/she reaches class 10? It’s another matter most of us just feel the pressure, and yet continue with our ways. 😛

Board exams are easiest. To get 90% in them, you need less than 25% of effort that you need to get a decent rank in IIT JEE.

Coaching classes definitely give undue disadvantage to those who cannot afford it. I agree. But the solution is not stop taking JEE. The solution is to work out a better way of taking JEE. Probably start interviewing a set of shortlisted candidates. Something like that.

Golden Jubilee ke inaugral me, kuch bakna tha, bak diya. Press ke saame phaltoo me bakne ki adat hai inki. Pack maar.

Sad that you aren’t coming to Bhuv anymore. 🙁

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