I don’t have plans

12:10 AM (Friday Night)

Aamir: Samsung Mobile: next is what?
Amrit: I-phone?

Wish I could smile on the lame joke that I just came up with. It felt odd not to be with Prachi today. Theatre fest. Play. I am away. Not happy. And on top of that, all of us from office went to see Jane tu. Had seen it last with Prach, Prateek and Guru. Empty hall then. Lot of crowd today. For some reason, I liked it more the second time. Laughed more. At yet at the same time, for few minutes, felt sad.

Weekend has arrived. I don’t have plans.

7:50 AM (Saturday Morning)

Moments after the last line of the above written part of the post was completed, Prachi called up. We talked over phone. We talked about plays and food and her job and my job ye and vo. She did figure out that I wasn’t in the happiest of moods. She tried to inquire. I really didn’t have any answer to her ‘kya hua bachcha‘. Talking helped. In a way I could still connect to Chennai. Theatre. I felt more at peace with myself. I felt less alone. I dozed off immediately after we said good byes to each other.

Sis’ call in the morning woke me up some time back. She figured out I needed to sleep more, didn’t want to take the credit of spoiling my Saturday morning and hence cut the call with the sisterly promise to call back later in the day.

Today is Saturday. I don’t have to go to office. Weekend has begun. I still don’t have plans. But to begin with, I can probably get my clothes washed. 😛

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Hey we had a screening of jaane tu in OAT… i don rem the last time i watched a movie in oat.. this time it was brilliant.. the oat was full 🙂 and we few 4th yrites who happened to come to the movie laughed at our own jokes, the audience’s jokes and the on screen ones together 😛

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