Past, Future and the Present

Post written on July 19th, some time in the night

It’s weird how I still remember the day I smoked for the first time. February. 2007. The way  I feel on some nights when suddenly some characters on the screen remind me of that incident from my past that triggered my smoking career, is equally weird. Tonight happens to be one such night. Suddenly my lips crave for a cigarette. Suddenly I feel exactly the way I had felt that night. Aggrieved. Low. Shallow. Broken. I had felt like that three year old, lost in the crowd, crying silently and looking in every direction for his parents.

I don’t have any cigarettes. I don’t remember the last time I bought a pack of cigarettes or even a piece for myself. Somewhere down the line, smoking died. I didn’t even realize when. I don’t even know if I really have quit smoking. Actually, if you ask me, it isn’t something that really needs to be quit. Smoking is so not a big deal. Sometimes I wonder why so much of fuss exist about the whole smoking issue. Sometimes I think Abumani’s dad, his grand-dad and his entire set of forefathers died of tobacco induced health injuries. Last I heard the crazy man was all set to implement a nation-wide ban on public smoking. Democracy my ass. Seriously.

My brain is clever, so quickly did it drift from the sad events of the past, well forgotten, to tortourous national policies, yet to be implemented, didn’t it? Why not reflect on the present as well? That will make the post completer.

You know what starting a new job is all about? It is about shaving every alternate day. It is about missing your jeans and t-shirt and especially those chappals that not long ago, adorned your feet all the time. Starting a new job is about getting your pre-paid connection converted to a post-paid one, so that you can get your phone bills reimbursed from your company. It’s about traveling only in autos because buses are so crowded during the office hours. It is about opening salary accounts in new banks and applying for at least one international credit card and a PAN card. It is about sipping coffee after few continuous hours of work and wondering when did so much of change happen?

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Hmm…working life is totally different from student life. Not had a first hand experience though…but curiously I am looking forward to that something known as being fully independent. I guess life is all about change.
Its good if u have quit smoking. Whether Govt. bans it or not, or even if his family history is full of tobacco addicts, nothing denies the fact that it is injurious to health. Abstention from it will do good definitely, ban passed or not.
Personally I detest smoking. Cannot stand the whiff of burning tobacco.
Enjoy the office life!! Smoke-free…hehehe.


I had cigarette yesterday. A friend had come over and there was a time when we used to smoke a lot together. So sharing the fag with him came too damn naturally.

I think how much one should smoke depends on one’s body. Even cholestrol is bad for health. But that doesn’t mean you have to take in zero cholestrol. The dose matters.

not to forget new job is about moaning “this is not what i wanted to do” 🙂 😛

do check it out during coffee 😀

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