Marina Run

ECR run was announced on The announcement had happened back in the month of March. The run was supposed to happen yesterday. It did happen yesterday. Those who ran seem to be happy about it.

Of course, I wanted to go running yesterday, along the east coast. Of coursee, I couldn’t. I had gone for a similar run earlier last year when I had tracked a neat 15+ kilometers. Back then, I could so easily borrow a cycle from some hostel junior to reach MGM Dizzy World, that was the starting point. However, yesterday there was no mode of transportation, automated or manual, available to reach the point, twelve or more kilometers away from home at five in the morning. Nevertheless, I wanted to run. I did run.

Tiwari and myself decided to run all the way to the Marina beach from our flat. Just the two of us. 6-7 kilometers. We decided this before crashing on Saturday night. So yesterday, we got up and were on our feet by 5:45 am headed towards the beach. Yeah, if not along the sea, then towards the sea. Whatever works man.

It was a good run though it could have been nicer had we started at least fifteen minutes earlier. Traffic on road was more or less ignorable even by six and in about half an hour we hit the beach.

There was this urge to restrain from entering the sea initially, a sign of the child inside dying a slow death. We sat on our bums, smelling like pigs and facing the waves, just like adults. And then I realized I wanted to jump into the saline and sandy water. The child wasn’t dead yet. I unbuckled my shoes, threw away my sweat-drenched shirt and rushed towards the huge and fast waves. Children are wiser than adults. Any day. May the child in me flourish. Flourish for long.

It always feels nice to be inside water after you have run. It almost feels perfect, one of those rare feelings in life. Perfection. Run. Sweat. Swim.

I was at Chinmaya Heritage Centre in Chetpet later in the evening to catch up with Evam’s play. I guess it would be appropriate to write the play review separately in a new post. I also guess that it would be inappropriate to write four blog posts in a day. So, the review shall appear tomorrow. Till then, keep faith and keep reading. And if you can, keep running.

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