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Just when I had entered the auto and just when I was about to think about the food that needed to be cooked yesterday night, Prachi called up to tell me that she was booking tickets for the 10 pm show. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. I ate cake and aloo-tikki and rasam-chaawal at her place. It has become a habit these days to figure out what goes into these food-items and if unable to figure out, ask those who cooked them.

What is the special ingredient in this sambhar?‘, I asked Guru who had cooked and brought rasam from her house and who later joined Prachi and myself for the movie.

Love‘, she replied.

So true! When you cook anything with love, it almost always tastes special. Man, why do I have to end up talking about cooking in all the posts? Why should the world be interested in knowing that Tiwari and myself made maggi for ourselves for the morning breakfast? Does the world at least want to know how I liked the movie?

The movie was not a let down. But at the same time, it wasn’t a kickass or special movie. You obviously don’t feel the way you felt when you came out after watching MunnaBhai (both parts) or TZP. At the same time you won’t come running out, relieved to be outside the hall finally. I guess this movie was simply past my maturity level to like it the way we like movies sometimes but I am sure the teens might love it. The guy and the girl both are cute and both act well. I guess thats about it. Work time now. Muaah.

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Yeah “Love” sure is important… even more than salt… for if you really love the person who cooked for you… & I mean “love him/her UNCONDITIONALLY”… you will be able to appreciate the amount of time & effort that person has put in for your tummy… and you will be able to enjoy your food no matter what! Come to think of it… “love” is the most important ingredient of anything in life… :-/

Ma ki kirkiri. I am missing all the fun of staying in apartments, going over to friend’s place who stays in another apartment, cooking, watching other friends walk in, bring some more food, movies, ultra milds, tea… and more..

Ma ki kirkiri.

and we miss you caesar…at every such account without exception…waitin for u waitin for u….counting days n all….come sooooooooooooooooon….. 😉 the ultra milds and the tea….not to forget the background music…and the aimless drives… 🙂

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