Hi Mamalla here

I am the Prince. No, wait. I was the prince rather. Yeah I know I missed my first monologue but I did come on time for my second monologue.

Shivakami, I swear by all that I hold sacred that I will wreak venegence on the Chalukyas. I will killllll Pulikesi and destroyyy his people. I will torture this city which held my darling captive. ………..

It would have been nicer if I had been able to show up for the first monologue also. But by the time I came back after changing dress from the green room that was little far off and aloof from the happenings on the stage, the scene had moved on. 🙁

It was nice fun performing in Bang. There were more than 100 folks. Bro had shown up too. And right now, I am all cozying up in uncles’s flat waiting for the mooli-paraantha to arrive soon from Chachi’s kitchen. By the way, I need to catch the train soon for Chennai. Tomorrow is the first day at job. Yayy. Hug me.

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