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Before I begin, thanks everyone who turned up. Thank you so much. Muaah.

Alright, here I go. I don’t know about the acting bit, but I loved it when Prachi threw that look of disbelief at me when I told her it actually was me who was answering my own questions while playing Akrur Chowdhary, the ventriloquist who talked to an invisible guy, on stage. I actually pulled of ventriloquism. Heh. Nice. She thought Bala was shouting from Green Room. I can make for a good ventriloquist I guess. 😛

I was kinda nervous yesterday and let few words slip here and there, but more or less I managed to pull off a sufficiently tight performance. The body language could definitely have been used more effectively. With time, I shall improve.

What everyone loved yesterday was the last part of my story where I played the land-lord. The bihari accent and the body language that came out for the land-lord Suresh Mastuddi, struck a wonderful cord with everyone out there (though sadly, the turn-out was unsatisfactory). All in all it was fun playing four characters and creating five different voices in twenty minutes.

Retell Redone was obviously better than Retell and no, not because I was there in one of the shows (LOL, wish I could say that though) but because this time they/we (whatever applies :P), had nice music and vocals going on. Ipe on flute, Varun on veena and Jaya on vocals added a lot of class to the entire two hours show. If you missed this stuff, you missed something man, you really did. In the review for Retell, I had written how Bala could have done better. In Retell Redone, you should have seen him; so cute. But Sumukhi, of course was just the best! Bow to her! Her acting simply touched the heart once again, because as always it came out like so much of a real thing. Anaro Bano has to be the cutest Iraninan mother.

Ok. Done. Time to move on. I still feel like narrating the entire script to me every half an hour. 🙂 The play season is not going to end for me. See me in Pondicherry coming weekend playing the role of Prince Mamalla in Gowri Ramnarayan’s Flame of the Forest.

Sivakami, in kutto ke saamne mat naachna. Mai aa raha hoon Pulikesi, mai aa raha hoon.

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I thought that recorded music scores were being played only to discover in the end that it was all being done live!

retell redone is a blockbuster then! :mrgreen: ek…thats it…gauri aunty would have been a sight to watch!

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