No one is safe today. The incident happened on a busy street right next to Valluvar kottam Police Station, day before yesterday, in broad daylight. I had just come out from a house that I had been to as part of my search for a decent place to live in Chennai. So I was walking on the road and suddenly, a dark ugly crow, came flying down from behind me, descended enough to brush past my left ear and then it rose up again to go sit on one of those electric cables running over the street. It’s claws had scratched the tender skin. The ear started bleeding.

This was shit man, crow-shit. I mean, I had seen my toe bleed, my head bleed, my arm bleed and even my dog’s ass bleed but my ear? WTF! Fuck the flying beast and may it never get to feast on any dead rat or dog, ever in its life. I almost had the temptation to rush to an ammunition shop, buy an air-gun along with a box of million dodges, and in the next one hour kill all the dirty motherfucking crows of Valluvar kottam. What had I done to deserve a bleeding ear?

Shit, wait a second. Was the crow trying to tell me something? In the ear? Shit! Crow-shit!

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