Watch me perform Bhuto…

…in the last show of Retell Redone at 7 PM this Sunday (29th June 2008) at Alliance France, Nungambakkam Chennai. Tickets come for 100 bucks (50 for students with i-cards) and can be picked up directly at the venue. If you want me to block it for you, let me know and I will gladly do so.

Retell Redone is nothing but Retell being redone. 🙂 LOL! Okay, alright that was a dumb statement to make but anyway.. so yeah.. I had blogged about Retell earlier. I had also reviewed the play. The play consists of six short stories, one of which I am doing now (for just one show). Ironically, I had rated Bhuto 2/10 the last time I saw the play. 😛 LOL, seriously, what can be more ironical than doing some stuff that you yourself didn’t like?

You know what, let me just be frank and do some self-analysis here. Why did I accept this role?

Varun had performed Bhuto in the previous shows and will be doing it for the other three shows of Retell Redone (totally there are two shows on Sat and two shows on Sunday). Now, he has been doing theater for quite some time now (quite some years actually) and he no doubt, is a good actor. So am I trying to prove that I will be able to do better acting than him? LOL! I really don’t think so.

Forget about controlling my body-language (over which most of these theater guys have beautiful command), I am busy most of the times simply trying to speak normally without any vague accent creeping in. I am an actor, I know it, and pretty natural one on that (heh, how much more can one praise oneself? 😛 ), but theater needs much more than just acting dude. Like every art, there is a lot to be learnt. So well, yeah, coming back to the original question, why the fuck did I still pick up the role then?

Heh, the answer is simple da. Varun ain’t free on Sunday evening! 😛

When Bala, the director, asked me (I don’t know why he did that indirectly though), if I would be interested in doing that one show, I just said yes. Now, the tricky question is this: is it justified to promote my performance, just because ‘I’ am doing one show, even when I’m performing something that has already been performed by someone who, in my own opinion is obviously a better actor, and especially when I myself did not like Bhuto?

But what to do? Ego re! I can only wish that you guys who come to watch me, don’t get disappointed. Although I so wish so, I actually have no bloody reason in this world to believe why that should happen. All I know is that I am going to have fun doing that on stage. All I hope for is that you guys have fun too.

Hey, wait a second. There is another reason too. Shit, how could I forget Sumukhi! Did you check out the review by any chance? If you did, then you must have read this observation that I had to make for another story performed in Retell, with Sumukhi in the lead:

Pomegranate lady and her sons: The 100 bucks that I paid to watch Retell was worth it all just for this single story.

So, the best thing about turning up for the show would be that, even if Bhuto still sucks, you still get value for your money. 😀 Now, tell me my dear phrand, do you have any reason not to show up? 🙂 Chalo, map shap dekh lo neeche aur aa jaana time pe. And if it makes you happy, rehearsals are going good.


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