U-create: 1

Isn’t creativity all about adding bits and pieces to vague ideas till finally the ideas start making sense? What is vagueness? That’s not difficult to answer, is it?

WTF? Why would she every say that to the guy? It’s an open question. Try answering that. I have a crazy wicked explanation in mind, which can make for a funny shitoon. But for a change, I want you folks to do the thinking instead. Yes, do some lateral thinking, be creative, start adding bits and pieces, make a story around this one dialog, till it makes sense. U-create.

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the first possible situation that comes to ma mind…
the guy is goin to be beaten up by some thieves or thugs very soon,having the nearby hospital as the best suitable place for him.

The story is still not complete. How would the girl know that the guy is going to be beaten up when the guy doesn’t know it? Or are you saying that the guy knows it? But if the guy knows it then wont it be totally illogical for him to ask that question? A place to live in? Why will someone who knows he is going to be beaten by a thief ever ask that to a girl? And even if he did, how would a girl know he wasn’t really looking for a house to live in?

Time for lateral thinking now? 🙂

The guys has a rose in one hand and is winking, the readers can’t see either of these in the sketch above. Therefore, he’s flirting with the girl. Before or after (U-choose) slapping him, and kicking him you-know-where :D, she says ‘Alright. There’s a a hospital this way.”

Well Geetali you got it almost right, although I had only imagined the girl to be a psychopath while the guy was supposed to be a genuine stranger looking for a place. So this girl loves beating up strangers especially when they try asking her about houses to live in.

Whenever someone asks that question, she gives the same reply. On hearing her answer, the guy should go something like: ‘excuse me, but I asked for a place to live! Why the hell are you telling me a hospital’s direction?’.

The girl then asks him: ‘do you really wanna know why dude’?

The guy says: ‘yeah, I would like to’.

She confirms: ‘you extremely sure you wanna why?’

The guy shouts out loud: ‘YES. Will you know tell me LADY? WHY THE HELL DID YOU TELL ME HOSPITAL’S DIRECTION??’

The girl then suddenly takes out this thick big stick, that she had been hiding behind her back and bangs the guy real hard on his head and continues banging (include the balls here) till the guy starts bleeding like shit.

The guy falls down on ground, just about to lose his consciousness. It is then that she stops beating him. She bends down, takes her mouth close to his ears and whispers, ‘now you know why’. 😀

u know what i thought.. that guy must be like u… n hasnt eaten in 4 days just for the fun of it… n the girl must have realised either he is really a psycho run away from hospi.. or a poor chap he is so delerious in his misery that he forgot he was on his way to hospi…

The girl got impressed by the guy(pehli nazar mein pyar) and she is a Nurse and resides in hospital complex. So she is hinting for guy’s ‘live in’ with her.

Scenario 1: The guy looked so pathetic, that a hospital could be the only rational choice for a place to live in. (There’s a smirk on the girl’s face, which is suggestive of her “I dont care” attitude and ‘tit for tat’ humor)

Scenario 2: Ditto to Geetanjali’s idea.

Scenario 3: The girl’s vocab is a ‘bit’ poor and she’s mixing a ‘Hotel’ with ‘Hospital’ in her reply

Scenario 4: The hospital she’s referring to is Apollo Chennai with a star hotel in its campus

Scenario 5: Extension of scenario 1 – to her the guy may have appared as DMW (deam man walking), and the ‘blonde’ (not visible due to B/W picture) thought that he’s looking for the morgue to ‘live in’

Scenario 3a: It can be a hostel as well

Scenario 6: There may actually be a hotel on the way with a weird name as ‘Hospital’. the girl is being nice in telling him so.

LOL! You know what? I wonder why no one said this that the girl has only started to tell him the address of a house thats available on rent. 🙂

She could have continued like this: ‘So take a left from the hospital, and keep going down till you cross a huge house with green gates on your left. On the other side of the road, not more than 100 meters further down, there is a two-storied apartment. I had seen a to-let board on the first floor. Check that out.


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