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Coffee review: Nescafe Gold

Note: Since I have my coffee only black, this review is only about black coffee made with Nescafe Gold.

Alright first things first. It is friggin costly. While the widely available Nescafe Classic comes at Rs. 130 for 100 grams, a 100 grams jar of Nescafe Gold costs a mind blowing 350 bucks.

Now, everything else. 🙂

Is the taste better?

I really cannot answer that. All I can say is that, it tastes and smells totally different from Classic, more on the lines of filter coffee decoction. The taste is very distinct and the coffee that you get using this instant coffee powder is somewhat thicker than what you get using Classic.

This stuff even looks different, from outside the jar (as you can see in the picture). The powder is not really powdery but consists of big brown grains (though very soft and crushable).

I need some time to get used to this new aroma and taste. My only concern is getting too used to Gold because if that happens then I might not be able to enjoy my budget coffee (Classic) anymore and would have to keep spending fortunes on drinking this royal stuff. Alright, let’s just make one more mug. 🙂

Update 1(on June 24th 2008): Only 1/10th or probably 1.5/10th of coffee remains till date. And no, I didn’t quite like the taste. Of course, this is a very personal opinion and there is no way I can conclude anything. You try it out. Who knows you might like it. So yea, once this stuff is over, I will go back to my classic till I spot something new to try again.

Update 2 (June 27th, 2008):The coffee got over yesterday. Sigh!

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Both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions come. Mine is NOT decaf. Chill.

And of course, it won’t last all the way till you come back to Chennai. 😛 But guess what, I might buy a new one again. 🙂

ow when you would be earning next month, start making your coffee with Davidoff. It is smoother and soother than the Nestle’s.

i am again angry with you. why to chose chennai, you could have come to Delhi. F.O.

I first tasted Gold Decaf two-three years back and totally loved it. 😀 But I guess that’s when my expensive-coffee-only mode kicked in and my monthly budget went outta the window. 🙁

Btw, if you can get hold of it, you should defi try Lavazza [medium strong] – it’s one helluva caffeine fix! 😀

This is not Gold Decaf. The decaf thing is called Nescafe Gold Blend I guess. And if this shit really doesn’t have any caffeine in it (I wish I could read the German lettering on the bottle), I am not gonna have it again, however good it tastes.

Lavazza… hmm.. added to the I want to list..

Well yeah, that way… I guess it never occured to me that they might not give me Bangalore..mistake regretted..

Hope you have nice time in Himachal.. cool stuff.

hey, can u please please please tell me the addresses of shops that u bought nescafe gold from. i wanna gift it to someone but i can’t find it in any of the shops i asked in. Reply to my email, will you? Much obliged 😀

Interesting….I like the aroma of Gold..And its 250 in b’lore..Maybe it was 350 two years back!! You could probably try Aveon which is from TATA and they have their own espresso series (Cheaper than NesGold). Davidoff is there which is 500 for 100g!! 😉

Thanks for dropping by Gopal, shall pick up some of these brands the next time I go shopping. I was studying then and I have been working for the last two years now – so these days, I am extremely cost insensitive! 🙂


Is Nescafe gold instant or is it normal coffee powder?

I was looking for coffee powder to be used with coffee maker and I am wondering if this will do?

Nescafe sucks because they changed to new packaging and the taste also changed which make it sucks. and the mold or fungus problem is now just awful. i am try davidoff now.

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