Phind me a house, will ya?

The following song is dedicated to today.


Went and saw a 750 sq ft, two bed room house in Nungambakkam, about 2 Kilometers from office. It will cost me 12k if I take it and from inside it looked good. There is just one problem. It’s unfurnished. 🙂

Written enough play reviews. Time to do real plays after long. I would be acting in two different productions in the coming weeks. It’s kinda early to update on either one of them but I will make sure that you guys get to know the info, few days before I perform. One will be played in Chennai and one in Bangalore.

Also, Amith who has still not finished making Karma, has hinted on making me work for another short film of his, which being an action film, needs me to show some nice body-shody. So well, I have started working out these days. Running has been happening as usual with all new Reebok shoes. Yes, I’m on a sutta break by default.

So you see, loads of acting happening these days. 🙂 Well anyway, if anyone of you can help me, the would-be actor, and the already-been consultant, find a 600sq ft or bigger, two bed room flat, as close to Kader Nawaz Khan Road (Nungambakkam) as possible, within a budget of 12k, please do so. I start working from July in an office in Kader Nawaz Khan Road and hence HAVE to shift to a house soon.

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