Shitoon 64: A real love triangle…

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Well in the case of Sajan it is truly a love triangle. Sanjay gives up his love for Madhuri because of his love for Salman. Whereas in the other movies there is no emotional attachment between the two competitors.

Well, you are right in saying this. I mean of course, the love of a friend is also love.

But I guess when the movie writers say the movie is a love story, it is implied that, they are talking about the romantic kind of love.

In other words, no one has ever made a movie on a ‘real’ love triangle.

But don’t you think its a nice idea to make one? In this day and age, when every third movie has a gay guy, such a plot could be great hit.

Think of this: Shahrukh is crazy for hot Deepika Padukone, who loves Hrithik because she thinks six pack looks better on him than on SRK, but is totally unaware of the fact that Hrithik is Gay and wants SRK badly.

In the entire movie, Hrithik would be busy dancing and convincing SRK that being gay is not all that bad. Padukone on the other hand would be busy wooing Hrithik by roaming around in tom-boy getups with deflated boobs. In the end, SRK could just accept that he is bisexual and have both Hrithik and Paduokone.

Ah, I already love this movie! 😀

believe me.. as a kid i always wondered why it was called a triangle… first of all why shud it even be at an angle…?? cant it be straight ?? after they are all so far stories of straight love…

hey.. if it were a true triangle (with an arrow for gay love too) then it would be three vectorial arrows whose summation would be zero… no love.. no story.. no movie.. may be that’s why we never had such a story…

What about poor Padukone!?
For everyone to be happy you need the gay couple to be bisexual and the staright person to be polyandric/polygamic..

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