Hilarious comments on Amitabh Bachchan’s blog: 1

Bachchan writes great. But nothing beats the comments. Reading some of them is just awesome fun. For the sake of my readers who won’t have the time to go through all the insane number of comments that Bachchan Babu gets, I have decided to compile some really funny shit.

Aran says:

Hello sir, I know this is a little rude of me because it is your blog… but I am a hugeeeeeeeeeee fan of Aishwarya ji, and since she doesn’t have her own blog.. i have no other way to express how much I look up to her!

//LOL! Bahu pe line maar raha hai!

nayan gotecha Says:

hi sir, I m the community owner of “ABHISHEK BACHCHAN” on orkut……….

//Finally BigB knows who started the community where everyone laughs over Abhishek!

purnima Says:

i am an architect in chandigarh wish to meet you
why are you not planning a house in chandigarh, panchkula,kasauli.
i would love to design it for you
thats my long cherished secret dream

//See what five years of college does to someone!

Istafa Says:

Dear Sir,
Looking at your energy at this age I cannot stop myself but ask you “Khaate kya hain?”….

//Chavanyaprash? Didn’t he declare that? Istafa, go watch TV!

AP Says:

Two days ago I returned from the Canada National Science Fair in Ottawa in which I participated. If you have any experiences or advice related to this please share some of them with me.

//Is AP sure this comment was meant for Amitabh Bachchan, the movie actor? Advice related to Canada National Science Fair? WTF! I participated in IIT Madras monoacting, any advise sir?

ibrar hussain Says:

One question I weould like to ask you AmitJi Please if you get time can you clarify. Days before your accident in Coolie, did Simta PatelJi ring you in the mddle of the night and ask if you were ok?

//ROTFL! If I get the number of this dude, I am surely gonna call him up in the middle of night and ask him: “Ibrar miya, are you ok?”

Arun Chauhan Says:

For many years I wanted to chat/see/touch/hear you (and other family members).

//touch? TOUCH?? touch your family members? eww!

vida quarcoopome Says:

Hello SWEETHEART, how are you doing today hope you are fine as i wish, Honey, please is meyour LOVE VIDA, i miss you soo mach, and now i am haven a cell phone, and HONEY this is the number to call 00233271215504

//If he doesn’t call, can I? Please HONEY?

And here is the last one for this post; totally kickass! Bow to him! Totally! McKinsey should hire this guy right away!

sanjay Verma Says:

Pls catalogue all the films/interviews and clippings in which you and your family acted/shot . Your fans/or press can download after paying upfront. This will take care of Web running expenses/financial viability

//Web running expenses! ROTFL! Shit man, I love this man! He just told Amitabh Bachchan how to take care of his Web running expenses! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

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