I might find it again


When it happens the first time,

it’s a word that depicts something

which happens only once.


When it happens again,

it’s meaning has changed.

And then, there comes a time

when you fail to see any meaning;

none at all.


Yes, it had a meaning

and I might find it again.

4 replies on “I might find it again”

Since you are talking of love here, here’s some shit I can add to your post…

1) Most people love out of their selfish nature where they choose a partner best suited to their wants. Very few love for the sake of love…whatever that means!

2) Love is a want that comes from a basic human need to be liked, adored, cared for, pampered, satiated sexually and emotionally, fed, supported…

3) MOST people fall in love with the idea of falling in love

4) MOST people who claim to be in love with their special someone often are in love with their own ideal perception of that special someone…as long as the perception stays the same, love thrives; once that perception undergoes change, the fate of the relationship changes…

5) For some love is pain, for some momentary pleasure and for some love is eternal bliss; for me, love is an unprejudiced teacher that teaches me something enriching every time it arrives, stays and leaves in my life…

6) Love is just as basic an emotion as feeling hungry, as banal an emotion as feeling bored, as intense an emotion as feeling hurt, as humbling an emotion as feeling grateful towards our mother, as exciting an emotion while experiencing an adventure, as depressing an emotion as losing someone dear, as meaningful an emotion as caring for someone unconditionally…

7) How a person loves tells a lot about that person’s character as well as how he/she perceives himself/herself.

Whole heartedly agree to almost all that you said.

1) For me somehow, falling in love didn’t happen by choice. Today when I look back I am not even sure she was someone suited to my wants. It was simple pure love that just happened, and exists somewhere inside, intact, even till date.

2) Totally true. Love helps satisfy certain human needs. But it is difficult to break and split it into pieces the way you do. You can satisfy your desire to have sex by having sex and without having to love the person as such. Same goes for being pampered. You are talking about general love here. Romantic love gives you certain other feelings which are what they are and cannot be broken into small components.

3) As a fact it is true. But if you are also suggesting that for most people, it won’t be possible for them to fall in love without already being aware that the concept of ‘falling in love’, I am not sure I can buy that. I say so, because almost everyone anyway knows about this concept (might believe, might not believe). Still, some fall, some don’t. So of course, everyone who falls in love falls with the idea of falling in love.

4) True. Sometimes, the perception might be close enough to the real person and the person himself/herself might change. In fact, all of us change. If something like true love exists, it should have the power to make you accept the new changes till of course you really can’t tolerate.

5) I am not sure love ever leaves. It just changes form and knocks on the door again. And again. Teacher indeed.

6) Agree word to word.

7) Of course

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