Coffee with a gay couple

Of course I have known since a long long time that world is full of gay men and women. Of course I have spoken against homophobia on stage. Of course, I have absolutely no problem with anyone being gay. But…

But no, I never had met a gay couple in real. So when I had coffee with them few days back, it was a slightly different experience. I must say it takes time before you get comfortable, especially when one partner’s hand touches the other partner’s cheeks ( even if that’s for a fraction of second and would have gone unnoticed, had you been unaware of the fact that they are a, well…. couple).

In spite of whatever way you might feel the next time you get a chance to meet people who have no problem telling you that they are gay, there is one thing for sure. One look into the guys’ eyes and you will have to say it to yourself: they have the real fucking courage!


PS: Don’t think too much about why I met them or how I met them. If any one of you think that I’m turning into a gay myself, then you would be pleased to know that my girl-friend was with me when we met. Go, brush your teeth.

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Why, aren’t comedians supposed to have one too? 🙂 And the ‘who’ doesn’t matter here because you don’t know her.

Ah! good u had a PS.. else it would be like the happy and gay train trip named you darling and turned you gay… 😀

But u are right… they did have a lot of guts ! 😯

You know what’s trippy… you blogged about a coffee with a gay couple.. something astonishingly extraordinary.. but your readers seemed more perplexed by your PS 😀

should haved saved that piece of info for another blog.. so it wudnt have stolen your gay thunder 😀

I don’t mind my gay thunder being stolen but I would have minded devoting a separate blog post just to tell that I have one. I mean what for? In this post I felt that needed to be mentioned so that any gay out there doesn’t get a wrong message! 🙂

err… is it selfish of me if i’d say it wud have been more fun if people got the wrong msg 😉 ??!!

And then you’d get comments on your blog from guys asking if you are ready for a cup of coffee… And then I could start my own “Hilarious Comments on Vatsap?’s Blog” series.. 😀

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