On shades, books and Ahmedabad

I did not know that Odyssey didn’t sell sunglasses till I walked all the way to the shop in the hot sun and asked for it. I was sweating and and did not want to leave the air conditioned shop so fast. I didn’t even know where to go to from there, given that I had already not liked any of the shades they had at Dollars and Pounds (not that they had many).

For those of you who don’t know, Odyssey is a pretty good book shop in Adyar, Chennai (has a couple of branches here and there as well). For those of you who think only half-dead-brain people go to bookshops to buy shades, Odyssey does sell many other stuffs besides books like deodorants, colognes and even wrist watches. I still don’t get the funda behind not selling shades.

As I was letting the wet shirt dry, I started browsing the latest arrivals. I soon eyed one book that truly turned me on. I HAVE to get a copy of this 1400 pages giant called The Real Price of Everything: Rediscovering the six classics of Economics. This book starts off from stuff that came straight out of Adam Smith’s ass, and then goes on to talk about the development of economics. Reading this one is going to be like slow sex. Should pick it up soon.

What happened to the shades? Oh yeah, picked one cool Fast-track pair from Titan Showroom. Fits well, saves the eye.

Why enthu for shades suddenly? It’s too fucking hot in Chennai to roam around. And for some reason or another, I just need to be on road. Morever, I am off to Ahmedabad tomorrow and shall touch back Chennai on 13th only to leave for Bangalore for a day or two to catch up with sis who is coming there to play in some Badminton tournament for her college. So you see, lot of running around in the sun. Does anyone need shades more than me, huh?

Why am I going to Ahmedabad when I should be working on my project is burning Chennai? Well, all for the sake of doing some lighting for a couple of English plays, all directed by Gowri Ramnarayan who has also written the script for all of them. When did I start managing lights, is a totally different story altogether and let me leave you on that.

Wish me a happy journey. Hope this break from Chennai to the hotter and ‘dry’ state of Gujarat brings some fresh energy to me. It’s time to explore Ahmedabad with brown shades (never been to Gujarat before). Adios.

PS: Any tips on what I can do there if I catch up some free time?

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