Shitoon 61: Public Display of Affection

Shitoon 61: Public Display of Affection

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Dude! One prb with subscribing to an RSS feed is that u find it too much of an effort to post comments!

Love the new look of ur site btw! Dunno when I last visited it! No need to actually, when I get all the posts n comments in my Google Reader! Hey but u can’t complain… ‘coz u’re the one who got me hooked to it! 😆

Why did u remove ur blogroll section btw? I found sum other interesting blogs to read thru it! Do try n get it back on if possible pal!

Hmm.. I will see if there is any easier way of leaving comments.. as of now, I don’t know about any other way besides the usual way of visiting the site..

Thanks for the comment on the new look. 🙂

I added the blogroll section.. thanks for reminding

Grin 😀

What do you use to create your masterpieces? I mean in terms of software.
Disclaimer: On an unrelated note. Have you read Perry Bible series?

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