Thinking out of the (idiot)box

Love is like TV. Loving is like watching TV. Being loved is when the TV automatically starts showing the best shows on the best channels by sensing your mood, every time you sit in front of it.

When you are woken up in the evening, just after the sun has set, turning your unlit room into a black box, by a dream which you don’t remember, but you are very sure was a bad dream, you realize that you had been missing something all this while. You never really were happy all this while. All this while.

After having worked on more number of logos than I initially planned to or imagined, I am creatively exhausted. After not having worked enough for my project or assignments, I am academically frustrated. Sometimes, life appears to be a 3d version of Shitoon.

Reading blogs is still better than watching TV. Feel good about yourself. Now, go do something productive till I throw things again at you.

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I asked you to feel ‘good’ and you started feeling ‘very confused’! But anyway, how did Mr. Confused like it when you were feeling him?

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