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Ramprakas had finally found out how he was supposed to live his life. It had taken him more than six months to finally find that Himalayan Sadhu who would have answers to all his problems. After all the pain that he took, all the searching that he undertook, here he was, talking to the Saadhu himself. The bearded monk was the epitome of wisdom as Ramprakas saw it. He had been talking to Saadhu maharaj since last three hours and he was totally satisfied. All the effort that he put in climbing the tough terrains and walking throuh the chilly Himalayan breeze, he felt was worth it. The doubts about life had been cleared and it was time to bid adieu to the monk, thank him and decend the mountain. The young engineering graduate who had run away from his home months ago was ready to return.

He had walked away not more than a few yards, when he heard the Saadhu calling him. He went back to the epitome of wisdom and asked, ‘What made you call me back hey mahagyaani? Is there anything more I should know about my life that you forgot to tell?’

The monk smiled, his teeth shining from behind the gray beard, shining as brightly as the snow that adorned all the surrounding tops. His hands reached for a small bottle lying inside a cloth bag next to him. Saadhu maharaj opened the bottle and took a sip. He then placed back the cap and handed over the bottle to Ramprakas.

‘This is the himalayan madira. Next time you want gyaan on life, don’t come all the way to Himalaya. Gulp down this madira, and in case it gets over, Havards 5000 will be even better. Happy journey. Hick.’

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