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I am passing out

This hostel had been home for four years. Narmada. Soon, I would be busy finding a new home. The days in IIT are numbered. And I already know that nothing is gonna be as good as this hostel. Nothing. This hostel had been home for four years. Narmada.

I stayed up all night yesteday. It was the Narmad Hostel Nite. It was the night of endless Pizzas and infinite ice-creams. It was the night to listen to toasts being given to guys who I had ragged in their first years. Sometimes it’s hard to believe thatΒ time flew so amazingly fast. I still remember catching Cuppax at the Narmad Entrance and then taking him to my room to make him sing Gujju songs. It’s been four years. Most of these freshies are passing out now, with me. Strange feelings.

Yestereday was also the night of the juke-box and the country dancing on the clayey quadrangle. I danced. Narmad danced. The jumping and shaking of hips was about more than just dancing. It was about letting differences go away and hugging every fellow hostel mate. It was about feeling proud to have shared the same home in a strange land all this while.

I didn’t even need booze to get high yesterday. I was high on emotions. I am high on emotions. Fuck, I am passing out.

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I know how that feels. Its even worse when a year of your college life is being taken away because of the internships. (a year coz the batch will anyway not be together again ). πŸ™ Emotionally high times here as well. Have fun :mrgreen:

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