Happy April Fool’s Day


Don’t even ask me the number of people who fell for it. 🙂

By the way all the best for finding dates. 😛

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Well, I had borrowed the domain name for the day. Had to give it away. But enough people fell for it (I have everyone’s name in my email :mrgreen: )

That was a good one; so good, in fact, that I almost took it to be a real thing.



Do you at least have a mock-up saved on your site?

I know I know. I wanted to put up the thing on 31st night itself but it took me quite some time to create a convincing site. Anyway, going by the feedback, I guess all the effort was worth it.

“…but I can put it up as say 😛 You really want me to do that?”

Yes. Please!

Such pranks deserve to be preserved for posterity …

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