Adieu ’08

As usual, Adieu sucked.

Adieu is the annual farewell for all the would-be passouts in IIT Madras. I was the part of the organizing team in my second year and made posters and banners for the first Adieu in 2005. You might not believe but they still use the same stupid banner after all these years!

Making thousand students eat at one place has never worked out for us IITians. By the way, I have been to every Adieu ever since started. In 2005, I was in the organizing team. In 2006, I was the Alumni Affairs Sec of my hostel. In 2007 I was a fourth yearite and this year I was a final year student. 😀 And like every other year, I had to face long queues for some food that was just okay.

But a good thing about Adieu is that couple of Alumni come and give gyaan. Vinci who used to be the ruling beauty of insti (and still looks quite hot) was seen this Adieu. After passing out of IIT, she had gone to IIMA and then it was heard that she ditched some super cool job to start her own venture. Talking about Alumni and entrepreneurship, I came across this site which was started by some IITM passouts and aims at helping IITians and IIM grads find dates. Interesting idea. I registered just for the heck of it. Let’s see how much worth the site is. 🙂

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I hope timedin is not an extra elaborate attempt to make April Fools out of us poor hapless desperate IITians. And if it is, stud 1 ra mama. Even if its not, stud 1 only 🙂 Hu made it?

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