That’s the entire cast and crew of the short film Karma.

Upper house (from left): Misre>>Vatsap>>Kishore>>Alok

Lower house (from left): Sofie>>Gaya>>Jo>>Amith>>Ajay>>Toby


The cast name is in bold. Amith is the writer & director, Ajay the cameraman, Kishore the sriptwriter, Sofie the makeup artist cum casting director and Toby the music director

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grin. i was also ‘annoying digicam girl’ and part of the ‘discipline kishore and vatsa commitee’ . i had many roles to play. don’t blame you for forgettin.

ooh ooh…i was also the official ‘cigarrette lighter’ coz some pansies in the cast didn’t kno how to. tut tut!


we are planning for ashort film here and I need gyaan from you as you are thru it already. Can we discuss this in Gtalk this weekend, possibly saturday – if ok please drop me a comment in my blog thanks.

So when can I see the o/p of the short film and what is about?

I was just another actor in the film. But anyway, I can probably link you up with the guys who are making it. I will email you my gtalk id. We can talk.

Let the trailer of the movie come up. I will let it speak what the movie is about than writing about it. 🙂

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