How I killed Misre: the truth

And just when you thought it was a nice day with a nice ending, a hammer fell down your head.

I am sometimes made to feel like a ladder. Suddenly the stomach is feeling all empty in spite of the nice food that I had at Dhaba some time back. Suddenly it’s next to impossible to hold myself together. Right now, it feels as if the entire body is going to blow up, forcing small pieces to shoot off in all directions, breaking the window-glasses. Beautiful things end. But had everything to end like this?

I guess I find it way too easy to speak out what I think from heart. And I guess this is what makes things difficult at times. Let me just go back in time to what I did earlier today. That probably would help me get a grip over things which end up getting shaken.

How I killed Misre

I chased Misre on ECR like mad and beat him to death. It was fun. But it was tiring too. It was real sunny and hot. Even the sand was burning. The chasing went on and on till Misre finally fell down. That was the moment. Bang. Nice thick stick straight on the mark. Hell, I even screamed like Shammi Kapoor before throwing that powerful shot. There is just one more scene left for the movie short film (for which I have been shooting since more than a week) and that would be shot tomorrow in a coffee shop in Thiruvanmiyur. Btw, for those of you who didn’t know, Misre is playing the lead in the movie film.

The Truth…

…better not be spoken. 🙂 Prachi was good. Yousuf was awesome. Nathuram Godse was pretty powerful. Gandhi started off well but soon turned things extremely boring. Marie’s performance was praiseworthy and she was bery beautiful. Others were either very ordinary or bad.

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