Review: Shastri Nagar Sharks

It is a very country pub on Sardar Patel Road in Adyar, Chennai, very close to IIT and bang opposite Shakes-n-cream. Yes it is country but you might like it for two simple reasons.

  1. Beer comes for 115 bucks a bottle
  2. They have good pool tables

What exactly I mean by country is the ambiance and everything. Also, don’t even expect to find any girl there. If you have one with you, better avoid the place. Go to SNS if you don’t want to drink in your room and still don’t want to spend five times the cost of the bottle for doing the same elsewhere.

Any idea why they named it Shastri Nagar Sharks?

One reply on “Review: Shastri Nagar Sharks”

Shastri Nagar Sharks is a club which was started in the 90s. They had a local cricket team by the same name and the basic idea was to spend on having teams for carrom, pool and cricket using their alcohol revenue. However, I think they got stuck with the tag of running a club mainly for drinking that anyone can go there now. Membership is pretty cheap compared to the bigger clubs like Boat Club or MCC, mainly for the liquor, but they do not have any kind of facilities like the bigger ones.

There is a lot of history behind SNS. It is one of the first places in south Chennai to offer pool tables before the boom of snooker parlours of the 2000s. SNS rocks!

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